27 January

Checklist covers bases for pre-install meeting

Did you know that waterproofing makes up roughly one percent of the total cost of building construction, but accounts for up to 80% of construction repairs and litigation?

When considering the exorbitant costs for repairing a failed blindside waterproofing system, experienced general contractors conduct comprehensive pre-installation conferences prior to any membrane installation.

These wise contractors require all trades who work on, are adjacent to, or above the waterproofing membrane to participate in the meeting. At a minimum, attendees should include waterproofing contractors, excavation contractors, concrete contractors, steel reinforcement contractors, as well as mechanical, electrical and plumbing contractors.

Proper sequencing of these trades and their tasks will go a long way to ensuring the waterproofing membrane is not breached and tie-ins are compatible and watertight. And this pre-installation checklist will go a long way toward helping general contractors cover all their bases.

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