Short takes on hot topics from Weather Barriers to Waterproofing Membranes

Benefits of Applying a Membrane to the Exterior Side of CMUs
Part 2 of a four-part series discussing "Proper use of Membrane Air Barriers in Concrete Masonry Unit Walls Covered with Drained Exterior Cladding"

IBC 2015 Updates Affecting Foam Plastic
A summary of IBC 2015 provisions clarifying fire safety requirements and sound practices for commercial wall assemblies with exterior foam insulation.

Intro to WRBs and Air Barriers
e-Booklet describing requirements for water resistive barriers (WRBs) to help design professionals distinguish between materials that are air barriers, vapor barriers or WRBs.

Peel and Stick Flashing Guide
Tips for installing peel and stick flashing to cover details in liquid weather resistive barriers.

Thick vs. Thin Mil on CMU
Since specified mil thickness on CMU varies between 15-120 mil dry thickness, CCW tested and the ideal coverage rate to ensure a pinhole-free thin mil system that will pass inspection and avoid costly job overruns.

Tips for applying liquid AVB membrane over CMU
A checklist of considerations when applying liquid membrane air barriers in concrete masonry unit walls covered with drained exterior cladding
13 January
Here are common air barrier tests Air barrier tests are important because they can identify air leaks in the building envelope, which can lead to energy ... Read this Post
3 November
How an Office Building was Built 4X Tighter than Code The focus on energy-efficient design has been on the rise for decades. While new technologies and renewable energy systems grab ... Read this Post
1 June
Back to the basics: what is a vapor retarder Design pros have a mind-boggling number of options when choosing which products can best ensure that a structure is long-lasting, ... Read this Post
22 March
Tips for waterproofing below-grade walls constructed with sh... Waterproofing structural below-grade walls constructed of shotcrete presents unique challenges to waterproofing contractors, especially for blindside appli... Read this Post
1 February
LEED Silver Facility picks single source manufacturer to ach... Since 1937, much of southern Maryland has relied upon the Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative (SMECO) for its electrical power supply. ... Read this Post
15 December
Guidelines for moisture content on common substrates Excessive moisture in CMU, concrete, exterior gypsum sheathing, and wood-based sheathings can cause premature damage and adversely affect the long-term ... Read this Post
25 May
ASTM D4541 Adhesion Test Explained The Air Barrier Association of America recommends many test methods to evaluate air barrier installations and set minimum standards for ... Read this Post
6 May
Welded Seams Key When Building Leaks Are Not An Option One size does not fit all for blindside waterproofing jobs. What tips the scale for one solution over the other? ... Read this Post
7 April
Here's what we saw buzzing a construction site We could drone on and on about the puzzle pieces that make a great air and vapor barrier installation. A ... Read this Post
25 February
Panelized trend drives demand for pre-fab multi-trade wall a... Panelized construction is a growing worldwide trend. Here's why. Read this Post
18 February
What do you want to learn in 2021? Last year, thousands of design professionals took advantage of online learning opportunities provided by Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing. This year, ... Read this Post
4 January
Proper Insulation is Key to Thermal Efficiency Winter is just a few weeks old and already record snow has blanketed parts of the country. These extreme weather ... Read this Post
19 November
Not just any dirt can be backfill Backfilling, the placement and compacting of solid or engineered fill in an excavated trench at a foundation wall, is an ... Read this Post
12 October
Waterstops: small solution for big job Waterstops are unremarkable fillers that play a big role in ensuring the integrity of the building envelope. Read this Post
9 September
We’re positive negative side waterproofing isn’t blindside w... Our technical services team gets calls about negative side waterproofing. Quickly we discover these callers are really asking about blindside waterproofing... Read this Post
7 August
ASTM D412 is the wrong test for sheet products Many manufacturers of sheet flashings, air/vapor barrier and waterproofing products report test results using test method ASTM D412. This is ... Read this Post
17 July
See which air barrier system testing the pros recommend See most common post air barrier tests. Read this Post
17 July
Pros recommend these air barrier performance tests The growing awareness of energy efficiency, green building, high performance buildings, and uncontrolled airflow (infiltration or exfiltration) through the... Read this Post
29 June
Town Hall get face lift after 10 year debate After nearly 10 years of public debate, voters from the town of Newington, Connecticut, approved a bond for a new ... Read this Post
28 May
Incompatible tie-ins may cause leaks Sequencing waterproofing transitions at grade with the rest of the building envelope is just as important as pre-construction meetings. Read this Post
28 May
Final "Selecting the best waterproofing system" CEU course i... Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing has offered several online CEU courses over the past few months and the last of the ... Read this Post
30 March
How not to get an “F” in AVB chemistry “Don’t know much about chemistry” might be a catchy tune, but it’s a sure way to earn an “F” for ... Read this Post
7 February
Avoid problems with peel & stick flashings in liquid WRB sys... Fluid-Applied Air/Water Resistive Barrier Systems or “liquid WRBs,” have become a popular choice for use in commercial exterior wall construction. ... Read this Post
27 January
Checklist covers bases for pre-install meeting Did you know that waterproofing makes up roughly one percent of the total cost of building construction, but accounts for ... Read this Post
14 November
Tips to keep old man winter from putting your job on ice Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing reminds customers that successful cold weather applications depend on paying attention to substrate and material temperat... Read this Post
31 October
What to look for in a dewatering system Properly installed dewatering systems should accomplish four objectives. Read this Post
24 October
Installer key when choosing spray or sheet air barrier “Should I specify a spray-applied or self-adhered sheet applied air barrier?” Read this Post
25 September
Understanding WRB requirements is key to building performanc... Even industry experts confuse air, vapor and water resistive barriers. Let’s define the terms: Read this Post
15 August
See why pliable TPO is best membrane for rugged job sites On rugged job sites, lab tests demonstrate pliable TPO membranes have superior puncture resistance over more rigid HDPE membranes. Read this Post
26 June
Outdoor decks bring sky-high values, daunting design challen... The demand for plaza and roof decks is rising as large businesses, boutique firms, and many residential properties are looking for ways to differentiate th... Read this Post
12 June
Learn why polyiso insulation is key to energy efficient buil... In recent years, the construction industry has adopted standards and practices to use more insulation in buildings. This has been ... Read this Post
30 May
No Leaks: CCW puts popular cladding system to the test Stringent energy codes are making fully adhered air and water resistive barriers (AWBs) and continuous insulation (CI) common place. Read this Post
9 May
Eye sore becomes soaring achievement Occupant comfort and energy savings were primary goals when Grant 170 LLC decided to invest in a 35,000 square foot ... Read this Post
17 April
Course teaches essentials for fire safe wall assemblies Recent changes in commercial wall assembly design increase energy efficiency, but also present new challenges to meeting building code fire ... Read this Post
3 April
Learn best building envelope design practices in an hour All from the comfort of your favorite chair, you can receive 1.5 hours of continuing education credit, which is automatically reported to numerous organiza... Read this Post
10 December
Include all trades in pre-construction meeting Sequencing of trades and tasks on a commercial construction project is vitally important to continuous waterproofing. Read this Post
26 September
Geotechnical report crucial to sound blindside waterproofing CCW waterproofing experts discuss what to look for in a geotechnical report. Read this Post
21 August
Avoid costly waterproofing mistakes with this checklist After site preparation, waterproofing contractors are the first trades on-site for below-grade blindside waterproofing jobs. Their work is followed by othe... Read this Post
5 June
Tips for erecting a watertight shotcrete foundation wall Waterproofing structural below-grade walls constructed of shotcrete presents unique challenges to waterproofing contractors, especially for blindside appli... Read this Post
21 May
Part 3: Choose a liquid over sheet applied membrane for CMU ... Contractors say that when choosing a membrane air barrier for concrete masonry walls (CMU) covered with drained exterior cladding, liquid-applied membranes... Read this Post
1 November
Part 2: When water hits a concrete wall A discussion about WRB placement and why wall assemblies benefit from installing membranes on the exterior face of the CMU. Read this Post
27 July
Part 1: When water hits a concrete wall Is it good practice to exclude a membrane air barrier WRB in concrete masonry wall assemblies? Read this Post
9 May
Consult IBC 2015 for exterior walls with foam insulation The 2015 IBC edition is best source for how to incorporate plastic foam insulation into exterior wall assemblies. Read this Post
17 April
Rough jobsites favor pliable TPO over rigid HDPE membranes Since the first job of the membrane is to prevent water migration, experienced waterproofing contractors say sites with rugged, uneven substrates should al... Read this Post
9 February
How to avoid permeability nuances for fluid-applied membrane... For optimal clarity on hygro-thermal behavior of the membrane, experienced specifiers and installers insist that manufacturers report test results for both... Read this Post
20 January
Best Practices for Waterproofing Below the Water Table Over the years design professionals have discovered vulnerabilities with bentonite systems in certain applications. One such vulnerability concerns their u... Read this Post
20 November
Spray or sheet applied air barrier -- which is better? Spray or sheet applied air barriers are both reliable, but which is best? Read this Post
21 October
Breaking Down Energy Codes As much of the country is experiencing record high temperatures during the 2016 dog days of summer, building professionals are ... Read this Post
1 April
Is your exterior wall insulation choice all wet? New continuous insulation building codes present some unique challenges when it comes to choosing the best material that also passes fire safety standards. Read this Post
1 April
Specifying for permeability can be confusing Today's building professionals understand that air and water resistive barrier (WRB) membranes are essential elements in modern wall construction. These ..... Read this Post
25 February
Understanding vapor drive A short guide describing basics about vapor diffusion and tests used to measure water vapor permeance Read this Post
28 January
Ever wondered this about weather barriers? Common questions about weather barriers answered here. Read this Post
17 November
More tips for an air-tight building Five more tips to ensure your air barrier is doing its job. Read this Post
24 October
Twelve tips for successful air barrier installation Over the years, the technical team at Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing has identified 12 tips common to successful air barrier applications. Read this Post
3 October
Desktop and mobile app makes NFPA 285 designs a snap The “R2+ NFPA 285 Build-A-Wall App” was developed by CCW to help design professionals choose from more than 700 wall assembly option. Read this Post
24 September
Rubberized asphalt and flexible PVC don't play well together Construction is a contact sport so it pays to know the rules when it comes to knowing which materials play well with others. Read this Post
25 July
Buildings under pressure -- Part 3 In our last few posts, we discussed two major causes of building air leaks – wind and stack pressure. Today, we address the third and final cause of air le... Read this Post
15 July
Buildings under pressure: part two Last post, we discussed wind pressure as one of three major causes of building air leaks. Today, we address a second major cause – stack pressure. Read this Post
27 June
Buildings under pressure: Part One When installing an air barrier system it is critical to understand the pressures that occur on buildings which cause infiltration and exfiltration.  Unders... Read this Post
15 May
How to get a "no-brainer" air barrier system Many readers have asked how air and vapor barriers interact with the building envelope, particularly as they relate to below grade/blind-side waterproofing... Read this Post
22 April
Why this "selfie" needs pressure Athletes talk about peak performance under pressure. The same holds true for self-adhering sheet applied membranes Read this Post
14 March
Mixology -- How bad accessories make bad air barrier membran... Design professionals who want a sustainable air barrier system that will improve energy efficiency, indoor comfort and longevity must pay particular attent... Read this Post
9 January
Redevelopment sites ideal for blindside waterproofing Urban redevelopment sites present unique property line encroachment and space limitation design challenges. Increasingly, architects are specifying blindsi... Read this Post
19 November
Rubberized asphalt loses tie game with flexible PVC Construction is a contact sport so it pays to know the rules when it comes to knowing which materials play well with others. Read this Post
22 October
Difference between dry cup and wet cup testing for ASTM E96 Water vapor transmission (WVT) is the rate of water transmission through a material of a constant thickness at a given ... Read this Post
11 September
Not all glass-mat sheathings are created equal As the use of new glass mat sheathing products has become more widespread, installers have noticed significant performance differences when sheet-and liqui... Read this Post
20 August
How to specify a wall assemby that passes NFPA 285 Recent changes in commercial wall assembly design are resulting in increased energy efficiency, but also new challenges to meeting fire safety provisions i... Read this Post
15 August
How to measure the dry film thickness of a fluid applied air... Installers know that once an air barrier installation is complete and the material has fully cured, the design team needs confirmation that the membrane me... Read this Post
30 July
Vapor Barrier? Retarder? What’s the difference? The effectiveness of a material to control diffusion is measured by its permeability or perms. A perm is defined as the ability to pass one grain of water ... Read this Post
19 June
How is a tent fly like a rainscreen? Rain screens for buildings work in a way similar to a tent fly. Read this Post
6 June
Leak basics key to sealed building envelope Air is a fluid, it flows and it has pressure.  The pressure can go up or down, and that’s what ... Read this Post
17 May
What is the Dew Point? The temperature at which the water vapor contained in a volume of air at a given atmospheric pressure reaches saturation ... Read this Post
2 May
What is Vapor Drive? A phenomenon called vapor drive moves water vapor from areas of high density to low density.  Vapor drive naturally diffuses moisture vapor ... Read this Post
29 April
Carlisle Coatings and Waterproofing Your #1 Choice for Air/V... As a new hire to Carlisle Coatings and Waterproofing (CCW), it is exciting to be a part of an organization ... Read this Post
27 April
The Need for an Air Barrier Leading building consultants for years have said that air leakage is the leading cause of exterior wall issues.  Issues such ... Read this Post
22 April
Air Barrier Definitions To properly specify air barriers it’s important to understand all aspects of the air barrier system.  In particular the materials, components, ... Read this Post
21 April
Why should air barriers meet NFPA 285? Previous posts have explained NFPA 285 and specific code requirements necessitating NFPA 285 testing.  Sometimes we think that this type of ... Read this Post
18 April
Advantages of Fluid Applied Air and Vapor Barriers Fluid Applied Air and Vapor Barriers offer a number of performance advantages over polymeric weather resistive barriers (building wraps), and ... Read this Post
12 April
Air Pressures that Cause Air Infiltration and Exfiltration The infiltration and exfiltration of air in buildings is the primary reason to install an air barrier system. When installing an ... Read this Post
9 April
What is the NFPA 285 test and how it relates to Weather, Air... The International Code Council (ICC) recently voted to uphold the 2012 requirements for NFPA 285 testing in exteriors with combustible ... Read this Post
7 April
When is NFPA 285 Required? The answer to this question is discovered by answering additional questions and is determined by the enforced version of the ... Read this Post
3 April
What is the accepted moisture content within a substrate for... Excessive moisture in CMU, concrete, exterior gypsum sheathing and wood based sheathings can cause premature damage and adversely affect the ... Read this Post
31 March
Air Barrier Continuity Without continuity, air barrier system performance is compromised.  In cold climates, breaks in the air barrier cause air leaks causing ... Read this Post
28 March
What is an Air Barrier – Vapor Barrier – Water Resistive Bar... What’s an air barrier? An air barrier material resists air leakage and is designed to form a continuous plane around ... Read this Post
25 March
What is ASTM E2357? ASTM E2357 is the standard test method for determining air leakage of air barrier assemblies.  Prior to this standard, only the ... Read this Post
17 March
What is ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2010? The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASAHRAE) develops standards for those concerned with refrigeration processes... Read this Post
15 March
Carlisle Barritech NP – “Easy to work with” Construction of the Christmas, Florida Fire House recently completed with Carlisle Barritech NP used as the air and vapor barrier.  Barritech ... Read this Post
13 March
Vapor Diffusion vs. Air Leakage vs. Bulk Transport Air movement as a moisture transport mechanism is typically far more important than vapor diffusion and bulk transport of moisture.  As ... Read this Post
20 January
Who Knew That Using Carlisle Products Could Be So...Healthy? For a couple of days this week, I was tasked with attending a Healthcare Facilities Summit in Austin, Texas.  Instead ... Read this Post
18 January
Sometimes Being Thin Is a Bad Thing In this week’s edition we are going to cover two things that are near and dear to my heart – ... Read this Post
17 January
You Get What You Pay For... As the down economy lingers, so does the lack of construction in much of the country.  I think everybody who reads ... Read this Post
16 January
Choosing the best AVB system is easy as clicking a button The sweltering month of July has come to an end, but not before over 2,000 records were broken by high ... Read this Post
15 January
One size doesn't fit all for AVBs Since starting this blog, I have been asked not only about air barriers and how they work on a building, ... Read this Post
14 January
Top five questions answered about Air and Vapor Barriers Constructive Barriers By Mike Nasso, CDT, LEED AP – Air and Vapor Barrier Product Manager  No doubt a teacher ... Read this Post
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