17 April

Rough jobsites favor pliable TPO over rigid HDPE membranes

When choosing the best blindside waterproofing system, design professionals are rightly concerned about site conditions like the water table, hydrostatic pressure and soil compression. Since the first job of the membrane is to prevent water migration, experienced waterproofing contractors say sites with rugged, uneven substrates should also consider puncture threats. Here’s why.

Once installed, a membrane undergoes weeks of abuse as trades prepare for the concrete pour.  Constant pounding from foot and equipment traffic may perforate the sheet if it can’t absorb the blows. On jobsites where these conditions are prevalent, lab tests demonstrate pliable TPO membranes have twice the puncture resistance of more rigid HDPE membranes. 

Design professionals concerned that a membrane is more likely to be punctured rather than damaged by impact may want to look at how it performs using the ASTM E154 Puncture Resistance Load Test. Go here to see results of how one TPO membrane stacks up against HDPE membranes. 

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