11 May

May 20 AIA course discusses how to specify wall components that pass NFPA 285 test

Design and construction of today’s commercial exterior wall assemblies is fraught with many challenges. Building code, public initiatives and customer expectations are calling for buildings to be ever more energy efficient. As a result, modern wall assemblies are incorporating new materials and assembly techniques to meet the demands. Membrane air barriers and foam board insulation are the focus of a May 20 live webinar sponsored by Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing,

Adhered Vapor and Water Barriers in Wall Construction will discuss how these components are essential for providing the expected level of energy efficiency and how these materials are commonly selected and installed to meet the building code requirements for “continuous insulation” and “continuous air barrier”.

The AIA accredited webinar will cover many topics of interest to design professionals including:

•  How membrane and insulation change the wetting and drying behavior of the wall assembly and best practices to assure that the wall’s wetting/drying behavior is improved, or at least not degraded, with the addition of continuous insulation and air barriers.

•  Fire safety requirements for highly combustible membrane air barriers and foam board insulation which can trigger full NFPA 285 wall assembly burn test.

•  How to specify wall components and assemblies that pass this test.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn the basic concepts of using wall membranes and insulation to construct assemblies that meet high energy efficiency requirements, effectively manage moisture and comply with fire safety requirements. Register here before spots are filled.

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