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CCW Projects Utilize Cutting-edge
Waterproofing Products

This month, we'd like to highlight a couple of recent case studies that we're sure will catch your attention, because each details uses of CCW's newest products.

The first project is a roof garden installed on Toronto's City Hall, which is one of the city's more striking visual landmarks. Built in 1966 as a replacement for the Old City Hall, it has since stood for forward-thinking building design and innovation. A design team was selected through a contest to add an additional rooftop innovation that would reflect the spirit of the original design – a roof garden. In order to prevent leakage, the area was treated with two layers of CCW-500R hot-applied rubberized asphalt membrane with a sheet of CCW's reinforcing fabric sandwiched between. Because the existing asphalt surface was left in place, 500R – which bonds tenaciously to any surface - was the perfect choice for the job. For the full case study, click here.

The second project involved the very first application of MiraPLY. The application was completed on the Davis Street School in New Haven, Connecticut, and the project was as creative as the school's students: in addition to classrooms and cafeteria, the school would include a performance theater, dance and art studios, and a media center. MiraPLY will provide the school superior waterproofing protection for years to come due to its combination of two proven waterproofing technologies: TPO and butyl alloy. The fully adhered composite is flexible, resistant to UV exposure, elastomeric, and features factory-applied tape. Since it is the only product that combines all of these features, it was a great fit for the unique Davis Street School. Click here to view the complete case study.

While these two facilities might not have much in common, their waterproofing systems are kept waterproof by two of CCW's most innovative waterproofing technologies – CCW 500R and MiraPLY – ensuring long-term performance for buildings that will stand for years to come.

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