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Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing Incorporated Introduces New AVB Animation

Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing Incorporated is excited to announce a new interactive Air & Vapor Barrier (AVB) animation tool, which can be accessed here. This exciting tool allows those interested to better understand AVB assemblies by viewing the specific elements involved in them and the proper systematic layering of each component.

The interactive program presents users with typical substrates, various types of AVB systems, and the option to include insulation. Once each element has been chosen, the animation builds a virtual wall assembly combining the selected attributes. As the animation runs, specific areas of the assembly are presented, and details to consider throughout the construction process are displayed. At the conclusion of the animation, the wall assembly shows a stepped or layered finish depicting the various components that were installed. Finally, an option is presented to download the completed assembly as a versatile PDF file for any number of handy uses.

This AVB animation tool will be included in the new "e-media" subsection of the CCW website. It is also available as a standalone version on disc (part # 602381). Look for it in the password-protected section under the "Binders/Misc" section.

Take a moment to run through this informative, educational and dynamic AVB animation. Be sure to share the tool with your customers as a way to explore AVB systems. It is sure to facilitate conversations on the importance of AVB systems in today's demanding building designs.

For your convenience, an e-copy of this and all other Marketing Releases can be found on our web site at in the password-protected area under "Marketing Releases."

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